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Escape into the serene beauty of Bermuda's shallow seas with this captivating piece of abstract art. Bermuda's "Shallow Serenade" takes you on a visual journey to the tranquil shores of a tropical paradise, evoking the gentle rhythm of the ocean's shallow waves.


The artist wields a palette of soothing blues, aquamarines and golds, interspersed with delicate whites and silver to mimic the pla of light on water and sand. Rich textures give this piece a dynamic and tactile quality, as varied strokes and techniques capture the constant movement of water caressing the shore. 


Gold accents are thoughtfully placed throughout the canvas, imparting a sense of luxury and grandeur that elevates the work. These metalic touches represent the glint of the sun dancing across the water's surfaces, adding depth and brilliance to the composition. 

Shallow Serenade

SKU: ORSSerenade
  • This artwork is painted on a stretched fine art canvas with layers of acrylic paint, sealed with atelier varnish.

    It includes a signed certificate of authenticity and is signed on the front with gold pigment ink. Additionally, it is dated and signed on the back, with framing wire added before shipping.

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